After enduring a long set of blah winter months, spring is finally in sight! With that in mind, we thought we’d share some great DIY home improvement tips to help freshen up the exterior of your home and amp up your curb appeal – after all, who doesn’t like looking at a pretty home?

Here’s a few time-honored tips to help keep your home looking great!

Shut the Front Door

Seriously, shut it. Then paint it. Create a ‘statement door’ by giving it a punch of color (red, anyone?) – the front door of your home is the focal point of its curb appeal. Make sure to clean and prime the door first and then have at it – we promise, you won’t regret it (and, if you ever change your mind, all it takes to change the color of the door is a new gallon of paint)!

Light It Up

Outdoor lighting (think low-voltage, not blinding) can do a LOT when it comes to amping up your curb appeal – plus, it helps with safety, too (no more tripping in the dark!). Lighting can be added to accent trees, the house, or a walking path. And, with the advent of solar powered lights, there’s no longer a need to be bound by wires or the need for external electrical sources.

Take a Trip to the Hardware Store

For new hardware! A quick and easy way to freshen up a tired exterior is to replace (or add) house numbers, new door fixtures, or a new mailbox. From oiled bronze to brushed nickel – complete with a wide variety of styles and fonts – there’s pretty much something for everyone AND every house!


Don’t have a lot of space or a thumb green enough for a large, sweeping garden? Try a container garden instead which is both quick and affordable. Purchase ready-made containers from your local garden center – along with planting soil and, of course, your favorite plants – and have at it! Stagger around your front door or along your walkway for a lovely, appealing entryway.

Wondrous Walkways

A beautiful, well-designed walkway is a great addition to the front (and back!) of any home. In fact, a well-designed walkway can go a long way towards creating the warm, inviting vibe that you want your house to have. If you have a concrete walkway and are feeling particularly adventurous, tear it out and craft your own stone or brick walkway. If you’re wanting something a bit less labor intensive, think about staining your existing concrete walkway with a colored resurfacer, or edge it with a brick or stone border.

Hopefully the above tips will get your house off to a great start this spring. And, if you’re looking for a bit more ‘heavy duty’ revamps to the exterior or interior of your home, please don’t hesitate to give Golden Rule Contractors a call!