When it comes to choosing a roofing company, there’s certainly no shortage of them around to pick from. But how do you know that you’re going to get one that’s reputable, honest, and fair? Use these great tips, courtesy of the Better Business Bureau, for the best ways to select a reputable roofer!

Find out where the home headquarters are for the company

If they’re not local or if the company hedges on providing the requested info, be wary. It’s not that out-of-town companies are bad, per se. It’s just that should you encounter any issues down the road, it’s a lot more difficult to get help if the roofer you’re calling is located three states over.

Have someone that you trust and have worked with before?

Great! If not, get bids from several different roofing companies, and make sure that the specifications for each bit are identical.

Any company worth considering should have a contractor registration and roofing bond on file with your city

Make sure that they have obtained the necessary permits from your city and that those costs are part of your estimate.

Call the Better Business Bureau for a reliability report on the roofing company

This can provide you with invaluable information about the business in question.

Ask for references

Any contractor who’s proud of their work will want to show it off! They shouldn’t have a problem with you talking to those they’ve done business with before if they’re run a reputable business.

Beware of companies that seemingly pop up overnight

These tend to occur most frequently after a storm or a period of conditions that cause roof damage. These schemes often involve salespeople going door to door with high-pressure sales pitches and scare tactics at the ready.

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