2017 is officially here, which means that it’s time to set some resolutions for the new year!

We know that most resolutions tend to revolve around health and money, so we’d like to provide you with some alternate roof-related suggestions. This doesn’t mean you can’t also resolve to trim down your waistline or save up for a month long trip to Italy (although, if you do that, could you take us with you? Pretty please?) What it does mean is that you are vowing to put a bit more time and effort into your roof upkeep and maintenance. Not sure what kind of “roof resolution” you should/could/need to be making? No worries, we’ve got some great suggestions to get you off and running!

Schedule a roof inspection

From the ground, your roof may look like it is in wonderful shape, but that’s not always the case. In fact, even if you actually venture up on your roof, it can be tough for the untrained eye to spot some of the more subtle signs of damage that can occur up on your rooftop (things like shingles, fascia, gutters, and more). That’s where the roof inspection comes into play. Seemingly small issues can cause big problems down the road, leading to costly and time-consuming water-damage-related repairs. So make a resolution to schedule a roof inspection in the near future– we promise, it will be worth it!

Keep it clean

Cleaning your roof, as un-fun as it may sound, is one great way to help keep it in the best condition possible. What exactly do we mean by “cleaning your roof”? Fortunately, it doesn’t involve a bucket and a rag. What it does involve is periodically checking for and removing leaves, branches, and other debris that may find their way up there. By doing this, you’ll be doing your part to ensure proper water flow. As we all know, standing water, especially on a roof, can cause a LOT of problems. Plus, keeping your roof clean helps your house and property (aka, curb appeal) look nice and tidy.

Check out any leaks

If you find any, have them fixed ASAP! Wind and water are tricky elements and can really do a number on your roof without you even realizing it. For anyone who’s ever experienced any type of water damage, be it from a leak in the roof, a flood in the basement, or anywhere in between, you know that water damage is no joke. If you’ve never experienced water damage, you might think that tiny spot on the ceiling is no big deal. Unfortunately, it is a big deal and it’s one that needs to be addressed in a hurry. If you notice any of the telltale brown stain discoloration on your ceiling or walls, give us a call. If it’s a small leak and it’s caught early, it may be an inexpensive fix. Whatever you do…do not ignore it!

Keep an eye on your gutters

If your gutters are clogged or broken, your home’s interior, exterior, and roof may suffer the consequences. Ensuring that your gutters are free of debris like leaves, twigs, mud, and other items such as bird nests is more important than you might think. Having a proper gutter system means that water will be able to flow down and away from your roof without pooling in any one spot. The bonus to paying attention to your gutters is that you can keep an eye on your shingles, too. If you see a cracked or broken shingle, you’ll know to replace or repair it right away.

Plan for a replacement

Do you know how old your roof is? Do you know what the life expectancy is for your particular roofing material? Regardless of how amazingly state-of-the-art a roofing system is, at some point in time it’s probably going to need to be repaired and eventually replaced. New roofs are not inexpensive endeavors. With that in mind, why not sock away a bit of cash each month so that, should the unexpected happen, you’re not caught completely off guard financially?

Regardless of whether you pick one, two, or all of the resolutions we’ve laid out, know that Golden Rule is here to help you stick to them! For any additional information, questions, or to request a free quote, contact us here!