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example of hail damage on a roof

Shingles, shake imitation, slate, metal, or flat roofing on residential or commercial buildings; our experienced crews do all types of roofing. Quality workmanship and exceptional customer service are our top priorities.

Let’s face it, your roof has a tough job – it’s your home’s first defense against the elements. The roof must protect your home during freezing Nebraska winters, pounding springtime thunderstorms, blazing summer heat, and blustery fall winds.

It’s asking a lot of any material to withstand all that, which is why we insist on using only the highest quality of roofing materials.

There are many roofing options for different applications. We can assist you in choosing the best option for your home or business in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

When installed correctly, shingles are a safe investment that will add protection and value to your home for many years.

The Equipter is a versatile, multi-use trailer that can easily access tight areas on the roof.

example of hail damage on a roof

We are concerned with keeping your property undamaged and your landscaping intact during your roofing project. Golden Rule Contractors is a certified “New Roof, No Mess” contractor in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

We use it to minimize debris that lands in your yard, to remove the old shingles from the roof and to shield sensitive landscape against accidental damage.


Roofing- Not a DIY Project

Shingles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, like wood, asphalt, rubber and more.

During installation, shingles are applied from the base of the roof upwards and rows of shingles are overlapped to create a pattern on the roof. 

The shingle, the most commonly used roofing material in America. Shingles can add that traditional touch your home needs. 

Shingles provide countless benefits that make them a preferred roofing option:

  • Cost efficient
  • Less complicated installation
  • Lightweight (less stress on structure)
  • 10 to 20-year lifespan
  • Eco-friendly; can be recycled
  • Wide variety of colors and textures
  • Water, moisture + weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance


Roofing- Not a DIY Project

If you’re interested in going above and beyond traditional shingles, it may be worth your while to look into shake imitation metal shingles.

Imitation metal shakes can give your home the durability of a metal roof while maintaining the look and charm of traditional shingles;, at a much more affordable cost. 

Golden Rule Contractors is experienced in the installation of Decra and Metro imitation shingles, which provide several best-of-both-world features for your roof.

  • Simulates conventional wood look
  • Tile shingles
  • Class A fire ratings
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Provides longevity of stone-coated steel
  • Available in several colors
  • Very lightweight
  • Won’t crack, split, or rot
  • Wind, hail, and UV resistant
  • Low-maintenance even in harsh climates
  • Interlocking design for easy installation
  • Deep, realistic shake pattern


Roofing- Not a DIY Project

While metal roofs last the longest of all roofing options, eventually they’ll need to be repaired or restored. Before spending fortune replacing your metal roof, let us renew it with Conklin roofing products to save you the trouble.

Metal roofing will provide the largest return on investment for your home. A metal roof’s long life span typically makes it cheaper than asphalt shingles in the long run.

We have years of experience with metal roofing, are up-to-date on the newest roofing trends, and use only the best materials. 

Shingles provide countless benefits that make them a preferred roofing option:

  • Unmatchable durability and strength
  • 40 to 70-year lifespan
  • Impact-resistant
  • Reflect solar-radiant heat and can reduce cooling costs up to 25 percent
  • Fire-resistant
  • Distinctive, authentic look
  • Impenetrable to rain and snow
  • More design options than other roofing alternatives
  • Minimal maintenance

Whether you’re looking into an exposed fastener system or standing seam metal roof, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Metal roofing has a long list of benefits that makes it a premium roofing option.


Roof Resolutions

A good gutter system is responsible for channeling water away from your home. If they are leaking or damaged, water may pool near your foundation. 

This can result in rain water slowly seeping into your basement, which will add even more costly repairs into the mix.

We know we’re talking roofs here, but often gutters need to be replaced alongside the roof, particularly in cases of storm damage.

Golden Rule Contractors runs its own seamless gutters custom for your home, and we can  match almost any existing roofing or metal.

It is usually beneficial to invest in new gutters when getting a new roof but these are signs you should give us a call for a FREE inspection:

  • Cracking or splitting
  • Peeling paint/flecks of orange
  • Water/mildew buildup around foundation
  • Water damage/marks beneath gutters
  • Gutters that sag or pull away from house
  • Water leakage/mold in basement
  • Gaps between gutter connections


Roofing- Not a DIY Project

After a hailstorm or natural disaster, a homeowner might be unsure of what to do about roof damage. Golden Rule Contractors offers free inspections to help determine if your roof should be repaired or replaced. 

We’ll work with your insurance company to install the best roof possible. Over the years, we have worked with insurance adjustors in regards to roofing and helped many homeowners complete their claim. Often, gutters will suffer damage from the same storms that damage roofs.

Once you’ve chosen the best material for your project, we’ll provide you with color samples to assist you in choosing a preferred color for your roofing, gutters and metal valleys.

Matt and Dave will keep close tabs on your roofing project. They’ll check local radar and forecasts to stay in tune with the current weather conditions. They will inspect your roof ventilation system for adequate airflow and check for weak or rotten decking.

If unforeseen decking problems arise, repairs will be made reasonably and quickly. At the end of the day, your roof will be watertight.

Cleanup is an area in which we strive to go above and beyond expectations. See our New Roof, No Mess page for details about our commitment to preserving your landscape during the roofing process.

Golden Rule Contractors’ goal is to provide you with a reliable, quality roof that will complement your home’s appearance and serve you well for years to come.


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