When you hear the words “metal roofing” what comes to mind?

If you’re like the majority of the population, then things like “warehouse” and “equipment shed” are probably some of the first images that pop into your head. And, up until recently, that’s pretty much the only places that metal roofs were found (with any sort of regularity). However, metal roofing brings with it a LOT of benefits– it’s lightweight, fire resistant, easy to install, and sheds snow like no other. Metal roofing has been steadily gaining popularity in the residential market, too. With all that in mind, let’s take a minute or two to explore the benefits of metal roofing!

Light Weight

When compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing is quite light in weight. How light weight? The majority of metal roofing ranges from 50 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet. When you compare that to the 750 to 900 pounds per 100 square feet that tile roofing weighs in at, it’s quite a difference!

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of metal roofing is long. Like, seriously long. When a metal roof is properly installed it should last AT LEAST as long as the house itself!

Speed of Installation

All things considered, metal roofing can be installed pretty quickly. That’s because a fair amount of it comes in large sections (or panels).

Fire Resistance

Metal roofing carries a Class A fire rating, meaning that it’s considered non-combustible.

Heat Conduction

Heat gain during the daytime hours is reduced with metal roofing because metal reflects radiant heat from the sun; this allows homeowners to save energy needed for daytime cooling efforts. When combined with the fact that a large percentage of metal roofing systems take advantage of the “dead air space” that occurs between the existing roofing deck and the new metal roofing, energy efficiency is increased. This in spite of the fact that the material that metal roofing is constructed from has a relatively low in insulation R-value.

Roof Pitch

Most metal roofing can be installed on roofs that have very gentle pitches without having to worry about any leakage or water seepage.

Moisture Shedding

Because metal roofing, especially dark metal roofing, absorbs heat so readily, it’s able to shed snow incredibly fast (since the absorbed heat works to melt the snow). Sections of roofing are designed to interlock (and block the entrance of moisture) and the surface itself is hard and slick, allowing snow to slide right off). This allows for a completely watertight roof.


As mentioned previously, metal roofing does a phenomenal job of sealing out water, enduring high winds, and standing up to tough, heavy snow and ice. Not only is it resistant to fire, it’s also resistant to insects, mildew, and rotting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of metal roofing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! At GRC, we’re happy to discuss any and all of your roofing options!